Born in Warsaw, Poland, Witold Kaczanowski is an artist whose works include a large mural in Auschwitz, set designs for productions, scultpures, paintings, and works on paper. He has won numerous awards and his works have been the subject of over 50 solo exhibits. Recently, Sothey’s Auction house in Amsterdam held a retrospective auction of his works (2007). He is more popularly known by the shorter “Witold-K”.
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Symphony for the People Signed
Lithograph by Witold-K
(Untitled – Loneliness Theme) Signed
Lithograph by Witold-K
(Untitled – The Wandering People) Oil
on Canvas by Witold-K
Symphony for the People Signed Lithograph by Witold-K (Untitled - Loneliness Theme) Signed Lithograph by Witold-K The Wandering People Original Oil on Canvas by Witold-K

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