Press Releases

Recalling the Later Etchings of Picasso.
Press release about Picasso Etching show (5/2012)

A Tribute to 20th Century Modern Art.
Press release about 20th Century Modern Art show (7/2011)

A Celebration of French Impressionist prints.
Press release about French Impressionism show (3/2011)

Availability of Renoir’s most sought-after etching.
Press release about etching by Renoir (11/2010)

The addition of a large mezzotint etching by James Jacques Tissot.
Celebrating Impressionist Era Artist James Tissot (7/2010)

A 25-year retrospective honoring 20th century modern art master Marc Chagall.
Marc Chagall 25-Year Retrospective (4/2010)

The addition of original etchings and lithographs by Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Tissot.
Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Tissot Prints Added (3/2010)

The addition of original lithographs by Matisse and Picasso.
Matisse and Picasso Original Prints Added (2/2010)

The addition of original French Impressionist prints to our collection.
Original French Impressionist Prints Added (11/2009)

Our discovery of a Jean-Louis Forain watercolor from the late 19th century.
Jean-Louis Forain Watercolor Uncovered (2/2009)