Is My Print With a Lautrec Museum Seal Valuable?

How Valuable Is My Toulouse-Lautrec Lithograph with an Embossed Seal from the Lautrec Museum in Albi, France?

The Toulouse-Lautrec Museum owns numerous original drawings and paintings done by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The museum often has these drawings and paintings reproduced as color lithographs on nice paper, with an embossed museum seal. These reproductions are then sold in the museum gift shop or through other channels, mostly to tourists.

These reproductions can be very attractive, and can have nostalgic value for those that have visited the museum, but they are not considered fine art by art collectors. As later reproductions, they do not have the same value to art collectors as an original lithograph by Toulouse-Lautrec printed directly from a plate he worked on. These reproductions can be found on online auctions, at very low prices. Sometimes the seller positions them as valuable (unintentionally or intentionally), so be careful.